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A Whopping 70% of Americans Are Deficient In This!

What do heart disease, diabetes and chronic muscle tension all have in common?  All of these can be due to inadequate intake of magnesium.  magnesium is a critical mineral involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions throughout the body.  Magnesium is essential for proper muscle (including cardiac muscle and smooth muscles of the intestines) and nerve function. Another critical role of…
Chad Woolner
June 21, 2016
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SHOCKING: This is Responsible For More Deaths Than Cocaine & Heroin COMBINED!

SHOCKING NEWS:  READ THE LATEST REPORT RIGHT HERE FOR YOURSELF! _____________________________________ THIS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE DEATHS THAN COCAINE & HEROIN COMBINED! You read that right!  It isn't a typo.  There is something truly frightening that is happening right now in our town.   This is something that has largely been ignored for the most part. But we are getting to a point…
Chad Woolner
June 14, 2016

Highlights From Our Zoo Day Event! Hey everyone!  We just wanted to share this highlight video from our recent Zoo Day Event that we had!  It was absolutely incredible and we had such a great turn out.  For those who weren't able to attend, you missed out and we certainly missed you.  For those who were there, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this…
Chad Woolner
May 24, 2016