Our Success Stories

We have helped over 2,000 people in the Treasure Valley get out of pain

Kelly’s Success Story 2:15

Kelly was suffering from debilitating shoulder problems. She sought the help of the team at Align and within a few short weeks, she got amazing results.

Angela’s Success Story 2:54

Watch how Angela was able to finally get lasting relief from her neck, shoulder and wrist pain after several attempts with medicine, surgery and other approaches.

Breanne’s Success Story 2:15

Breanne suffered from a low back injury and sought the help of the team at Align. Watch her story of how she was able to not only get relief, but ultimately get back to enjoying life again.

Lesley’s Success Story 2:56

Lesley suffered with a number of low back issues. Here her story on how we helped her.

Russell’s Success Story 4:50

Russell knew he needed chiropractic care to stay healthy as he traveled around the world.

Dillon’s Success Story 2:44

After a severe car accident, Dillon turned to Align for help.  Watch his incredible story.

Shirley’s Success Story 4:40

Shirley was suffering from debilitating knee pain.  She believed that her only option for relief was surgery.  See her incredible experience with Stem Cell Therapy at Align.

Megan’s Success Story 1:51

After a nagging shoulder injury, Megan believed she wouldn’t be able to continue Crossfit.  She sought the help of Dr. Buddy Allen at Align and was able finally get help.  Check out her amazing story here.