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Dr. Chad Woolner, DC

Dr. Chad Woolner was raised in Portland, Oregon where he began his college studies originally in preparation to enter dental school. During his prerequisite schooling he and his wife were involved in an auto accident. His wife sustained whiplash injuries and began seeing a local chiropractor. As he accompanied his wife to her appointments he was amazed to see how chiropractic helped his wife. It didn’t take him long to decide that chiropractic was exactly what he wanted to do. After finishing undergraduate schooling, he applied to chiropractic college. Dr. Woolner graduated from the University of Western States in December 2008 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After graduation, he moved to the Meridian area with his wife and children.

Since then Dr. Woolner has done extensive post graduate training in a number of areas including advanced clinical nutrition, and functional medicine.  As a result of his successes working with thousands of patients he developed a training program for helping solve chronic health problems naturally.  With over 100 doctors in nearly all 50 states and in several different countries, it has become one of the premier post graduate training programs for functional medicine.  He has been a featured speaker at several of the largest continuing education conferences throughout the country and each week he reviews cases and provides clinical training for chiropractors, medical doctors, osteopaths and other healthcare professionals seeking to learn better strategies for helping their patients.

He is the co-host of the popular Health Fundamentals podcast and the Laser Light Show.  He is a member of the Idaho Association of Chiropractic Physicians and is a strong supporter of Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization involved in the rescue of human trafficking victims.  He loves spending time with his family, loves being outdoors and enjoys playing guitar and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Dr. Buddy Allen, DC

Dr. Allen and his family moved to the treasure valley back in 2002 after graduating from chiropractic college. They put down their roots in Meridian in 2003 and have loved living in this beautiful part of Idaho. Dr Allen Enjoys spending time with his family, camping, fishing, and just about anything in the outdoors. He also enjoys an active role in his community volunteering his talents in the BSA scouting program, leading church youth groups, and serving as president of his neighborhood association.

Dr. Allen loves helping people get out of pain but, he especially loves helping people create vibrant optimal health in their lives. He is an accomplished chiropractic physician and has treated thousands of patients in the Treasure Valley for nearly 20 years. During the past nine years he has spent hundreds of hours training in the specialty of weight loss, lifestyle and nutrition.  He is a sought after expert and has trained numerous medical clinics, healthcare groups and hospitals throughout the country on the most current, evidence-based strategies for solving chronic health problems.  He also enjoys teaching people as co-host of the Health Fundamentals podcast.

He was introduced (drug by his wife) to Meridian Crossfit in 2013 and has been hooked ever since (he drank the Kool-aide). He and his wife have enjoyed learning Crossfit, making many friends in this community, sponsoring/treating competitive Crossfit athletes, and even participating in a few competitions themselves.


Dr. Shawn Stadlbauer, DC

Dr. Shawn Stadlbauer is a Boise native. He attended Borah High school and Boise State University. He is a Graduate from University of Western States with his Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Shawn knew he wanted to be with the Align after meeting Dr. Allen at CrossFit. He would come back and shadow as often as he could while in school. He is passionate about helping those wanting to make life changes and get healthy through diet and exercise. He is aware of the aches and pains that can come from making those initial steps to change.

Dr. Shawn is Married with three beautiful boys who constantly make life more interesting. He loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, snowboarding. He loves playing music, the drums, guitar, and bass. He is a CrossFit Level one coach and is passionate about helping others navigate their fitness journey especially those just starting out. 


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