If you’re someone struggling with neck pain, back pain or other similar problems then keep reading…

There are a lot of different approaches to helping people with neck & back pain.

Perhaps you’ve already tried seeing:

Medical Doctors
Physical Therapists
Massage Therapists
And More…

Maybe this is a new problem and you’re just looking for answers.

Either way, the problem is that far too many approaches simply focus on the “WHAT”.

They figure that if you can just put a fancy label on your problem and give you a diagnosis then that will somehow solve things…

Well, that’s not really the case.

You see, when the primary focus is on naming your problem, the best you can ever hope for is temporary symptom relief.

Even worse is when some doctors simply try to throw pain medications and other prescriptions at your problems as though that will solve it.

Focusing on the “WHAT” is just going to mask symptoms and masking symptoms is a lot like putting duct tape over the check engine light in your car and thinking that it will “fix” the problem.

At Align Integrated Medical our focus is on the “WHY” not just the “WHAT” of your neck & back problems.

By using state-of-the-art technology we are able to discover the “WHY” by looking at 4-key pillars of function.



We use digital X-ray and a digital posture assessment to determine the health and function of your spine.


Balance & Stability

We use a digital balance assessment tool to quickly see how well the brain is communicating with the body and the body with the brain. Balance is a simple but powerful window into the health of the nervous system.


Strength & Coordination

We perform a full functional evaluation to determine the health & function of the muscular system. We’re looking for areas that are over-active, under-active or muscles that are firing incorrectly.


Flexibility and Quality of Motion

By measuring motion within the joints of the body we can isolate areas of weakness or dysfunction and better pinpoint the source and location of your problems. It’s not uncommon to find seemingly unrelated areas that create problems in other areas of the body.

We work together as a team to help our patients get the very best results.

We call this modern approach “Fundamental Medicine”.

By using the very best of Regenerative & Function Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Progressive Focused Rehab and Massage Therapy we help our patients fix these problems once and for all!

What kind of results do we get?

Well, this is what Hope had to say about her experience:
"Align Integrated Medical Clinic has been absolutely wonderful. I had severe shoulder blade pain for years that they have solved with regular visits and a treatment plan customized to me. Dr Allen and Dr Woolner truly care about their clients and it shows. Not only are the doctors great, but the staff is so friendly and accommodating as well. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for my care.”
Lori was struggling with severe neck pain. This is what she had to say:
“Dr. Woolner and the team at Align Integrated Medical are so knowledgeable and skilled. They were professional and gentle as I came to them with back and neck issues after a fall with very little movement in my neck. They carefully assessed and adjusted me and instantly I felt relief from the neck pain and had mobility back in my neck. I would HIGHLY recommend Align to anyone seeking quality, care and expertise…”

These are just a few of the many examples of patients that we’ve had the honor and privilege of helping.

So where do you go from here?

Well, it’s pretty simple.  

  • Call our office and set up an appointment for an initial consultation and evaluation.
  • We’ll take the time to really listen to you and find out exactly what is going in with your unique situation.

If it looks like we can help you, we’ll give you our best recommendations with no pressure or obligation whatsoever.

We want what you want:  For you to get REAL RESULTS!

We completely understand when people are a bit apprehensive or even skeptical which is why we don’t want you to take our word for it.

Watch Lesley’s story to see how we were able to help her:

This is one of many incredible success stories.

We have a saying at our clinic,

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

If you’re ready to get help, we are ready to help.
Call us today and let’s get started!
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