Success Stories

We have helped thousands of people in the Treasure Valley get out of pain. (literally)

Clynt & Carla's Success Story

Clynt was suffering from severe low back pain.  It got so bad that Carla honestly believed he'd be in a wheelchair within a year or two.  Watch how we were able to not only eliminate Clynt's pain but also help restore him to full function so that he could enjoy life again.

Carole's Success Story

Carole was suffering from severe back, hip and leg pain.  See how she was finally able to get lasting relief through her experience with Align.

Chris' Success Story

Chris had been struggling with a wide range of back issues due to years of various contact sports.  Watch how he was able to get relief and back to an active lifestyle.

Tracy's Success Story

Tracy was struggling with fatigue and digestive problems for years.  She was finally able to find relief through the Health Restore Program™.  Check out her story.

Megan's Success Story

Megan was struggling with shoulder problems and needed help so she could continue to compete in Crossfit.  That's when she found Align.  Check out her incredible success story here.

David's Success Story

David was struggling with crippling pain.  Watch how he was able to get relief and back to the things he loves doing.

Kelly’s Success Story

Kelly was suffering from debilitating shoulder problems. She sought the help of the team at Align and within a few short weeks, she got amazing results.

Angela’s Success Story

Watch how Angela was able to finally get lasting relief from her neck, shoulder and wrist pain after several attempts with medicine, surgery and other approaches.

Breanne’s Success Story

Breanne suffered from a low back injury and sought the help of the team at Align. Watch her story of how she was able to not only get relief, but ultimately get back to enjoying life again.

Lesley’s Success Story

Lesley suffered with a number of low back issues. Here her story on how we helped her.

Russell’s Success Story

Russell knew he needed chiropractic care to stay healthy as he traveled around the world.

Dillon’s Success Story 

After a severe car accident, Dillon turned to Align for help. Watch his incredible story.

Lonnie's Success Story

Lonnie was suffering from neuropathy.  He was dealing with severe nerve pain in his legs and feet.  His legs became discolored and he was fearful that he would eventually wind up having to have his legs amputated.  After going through the neuropathy relief program at Align however he's now living pain free and sensation and color has returned to his legs and feet!  Watch his amazing story here.

Megan’s Success Story

After a nagging shoulder injury, Megan believed she wouldn’t be able to continue Crossfit.  She sought the help of Dr. Buddy Allen at Align and was able finally get help.  Check out her amazing story here.

Jim’s Success Story

Jim was struggling with debilitating knee pain.  He was feeling hopeless and discouraged until he found the knee relieve & restore program at Align.  Now he is fully functional and pain free and hopeful for a great future!

Deanna's Success Story

Deanna Wagner sustained a severe back injury from roller derby. She shares her experience getting relief and back to her sport working with Align.

Professor Keith's Success Story

Watch how Keith Owen was able to get back to teaching martial arts after getting help from Align for an elbow injury he sustained.

Rick's Success Story

Rick Davenport is a certified Crossfit Instructor and fitness expert. Watch as he tells his experience working with the team at Align Integrated Medical

Matt's Success Story

Watch Matt's story of how he was able to get help from Align for a knee injury, and how Matt was able to get back to running quickly without any residual problems.

Brad's Success Story

Brad was dealing with an ongoing knee injury. He believed his only option was surgery. He decided to try our knee restore program. Within a short period of time we were able to help him get back to his regular workout routines without any pain and now we are two year later and his knee pain is still gone! Now he enjoys a vibrant, active life free of pain.

Mike's Success Story

Watch Mike share his experience of getting help from the Align team after a car accident. He was provided with short-term care, but experienced long-term results.

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