Episode #49: From Burnout to Breakthrough: How I Regained Control of My Health and Life

May 15, 2024

About the Episode:

In this episode, we journey with Dr. Chad Woolner. He is a dedicated chiropractor and a passionate educator, committed to empowering individuals on their personal health journeys. Through his own experiences and challenges, Dr. Woolner has developed a comprehensive training program for healthcare providers across various disciplines. His unique approach emphasizes the five fundamentals of health, focusing on tapping into the body’s innate intelligence and fostering intrinsic motivation for wellness.

Episode Summary:

Welcome to the show notes for an inspiring episode of the Health Fundamentals podcast, where Dr. Chad Woolner shares his riveting personal health journey that ultimately shapes his professional ethos. Prepare to be moved and motivated by his story of transformation, from confronting his family's health struggles to revolutionizing his own life and that of countless others.

Our host's tale takes us back to the early 2000s, revealing a time of uncertainty that eventually led him to chiropractic care. From his wife's transformative experience with a chiropractor post-accident to Dr. Woolner's own rampant health issues and weight concerns, the episode unpacks the pivotal moments leading him to change his life's direction and health philosophy. In the pursuit to remedy his family’s chronic health conditions, Dr. Woolner discovers the potency of functional medicine, forging a path that benefits both his wife and countless patients.

Imparting the lessons learned and tools used, Dr. Woolner speaks candidly about his weight loss journey and the sustainable practices contributing to a healthier lifestyle. He distills his success down to five fundamentals of health, touching upon internal drive, simplicity and consistency, body mechanics, emotional resilience, and proper nourishment. The episode resonates with anyone seeking holistic, actionable strategies to improve their well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Health comes from within, and seeking intrinsic motivation is key to lasting change.
  • Simplifying wellness strategies can greatly increase their effectiveness and sustainability.
  • The body’s mechanical and chemical functions are integral to overall health.
  • Emotional resilience and spiritual attunement are essential for managing stress and mental well-being.
  • Sustained health relies on adopting nutrition habits that suit individual lifestyles and preferences.

Notable Quotes:

  • "Contradiction leads to destruction. The greater the contradiction, the greater the destruction." - Dr. Woolner, quoting Dr. Patrick Gintempo.
  • "If you can make the good choices, the right choices, as easy or easier than the wrong choices, it makes the sustainability of it that much easier." - Dr. Woolner on forming healthy habits.
  • "The health fundamentals podcast is to make health simple. It does not need to be complicated." - Dr. Woolner's mission statement for the podcast.
  • "Our body knows what it needs to do… we can't outsmart the body's own intelligence." - Dr. Woolner on recognizing the body's innate wisdom.
  • "If this is the degree to which we get the training, this is exactly what I want to do." - Dr. Woolner realizing his passion for understanding human anatomy and helping others.


  • Dr. Benjamin Hardy's Book: "Be Your Future Self Now"
  • Erchonia: The low-level laser technology referenced by Dr. Woolner.
  • Zorona Z6 Laser: An FDA-cleared tool for non-invasive fat reduction.

Join us in this compelling episode of the Health Fundamentals podcast as Dr. Chad Woolner delves into the depths of his personal struggles and triumphs in health. His authentic narrative and valuable insights can inspire and guide your own health odyssey. Stay tuned for more episodes that will continue to demystify health and wellness, bringing us back to simplicity and clarity.

Chad Woolner
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