Episode #50: The Most Important Conversation You Can Have with Any Doctor

May 17, 2024

Episode Summary:

In the latest thought-provoking episode of the Health Fundamentals podcast, Dr. Chad Woolner delves into the critical conversation between patients and their healthcare providers regarding health goals and motivations. This episode serves as a catalyst for patients to recognize the importance of establishing clear, meaningful objectives beyond immediate pain relief.

Dr. Woolner, a chiropractor with valuable years of practice, underscores the disparity between temporary symptom relief and lasting problem resolution. He emphasizes the necessity of understanding patients' personal stories, long-term aspirations, and how pain affects their daily lives. Dr. Woolner introduces the concept of SMART goals and their application in healthcare settings to support patients in identifying their objectives and crafting a path forward that meaningfully impacts their quality of life.

The dialogue transitions into highlighting the significance of commitment and belief - not only in the healthcare strategies but also in patients' self-efficacy. Dr. Woolner articulates how attainable achievements catalyze a patient’s confidence and propel them toward larger health ambitions. By the end, we are encouraged to reflect on the profound relationship between our values and our health journey, urging a collaborative effort between practitioners and patients to reach the ultimate goal of long-term wellbeing and fulfillment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establishing clear health goals beyond pain relief is essential for long-term wellness and recovery.
  • Understanding the "why" behind a patient's health goals provides both motivation and meaningful direction for treatment.
  • Collaboration between patients and doctors based on shared understanding of goals ensures tailored and effective healthcare.
  • Belief in the treatment plan and in one's own ability to follow through is crucial for positive health outcomes.
  • Achievement of initial health goals helps build momentum for pursuing and realizing subsequent long-term objectives.

Notable Quotes:

  • "What patients really, truly want is they want a solution that will allow them to resume the type of life, the activities of daily living that have been impacted in a negative way."
  • "It's not necessarily that that solution inherently couldn't have or wouldn't have helped them… it's that for either on the end of the practitioner, the practitioner didn't fully help elicit what the right goals were."
  • "Yes, I can stick to it because I have a clear idea and understanding of the outcome, of the vision, of the goal, of what I'm after."
  • "Our goal, obviously is your goal… But through that lens, our mission, I should say, is to get you better as fast as possible, but to keep you better as long as possible."
  • "At the end of the day, that's what this is all about, is really getting to what's most meaningful, and that is your goals, your why, what makes life worth living to you?"


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As you've skimmed through these highlights, take the leap to empower your health journey by tuning into the full episode of the Health Fundamentals podcast. Engage with Dr. Chad Woolner's profound insights, and don't miss out on more enriching content designed to navigate the essentials of wellbeing. Stay tuned and be part of a community that prioritizes clarity, simplicity, and life-transforming health fundamentals.

Chad Woolner
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