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What if you could finally get lasting relief from your knee pain?

Dear Friends In The Treasure Valley,
For Quite Some Time We've Been Helping People End Their knee pain through our Comprehensive Knee Pain Relief Program.

People Just Like YOU Suffering From Symptoms Like:


And if you’re like so many others, you’ve found that most approaches simply DO NOT WORK.

Things like:


Look, we get it.

We realize that most people struggling with knee pain feel like they’ve “seen it all” and “tried it all” with no success.

We see patients each and every day who feel totally helpless and hopeless.

Who feel as though they’ll simply have to suffer in silence because so many people simply just don’t understand.

They’ll never be able to comprehend what it’s like to deal with the constant pain that people with knee pain suffer from each and every day.

They’ll never know the frustration of having to rely on a daily cocktail of medications just to be able to function.

…Only to have to increase these medications a short while later because what used to “cut it” doesn’t even take the edge off anymore.

Sadly, most will never understand… But we do.

We know what it’s like.

We say we know because we see patients just like you at our clinic every day.

  • Patients who have lost hope.
  • Patients who feel like they’ve tried everything and believe that nothing really works.

But here’s the truth:

There is hope.

There is a way to end your knee pain once and for all without having to resort to any drastic, risky procedures.

We say this because again, we see it every day.

We see miracles.

We see patients who were otherwise ready to give up, finally get the relief from their knee pain that they’d been looking for all along.

Patients just like Shirley. Here’s what she had to say:
“I was struggling with knee pain that just wouldn’t go away. If I had to compare where I am now to before I went through the program, I am back to where I was before I started having knee problems. I can do anything! I can hike. I can walk. I can sit and get up and walk without any pain or swelling. I feel like me again! I’m really looking forward to my future. I’ve got a healthy body back and there’s nothing I can’t do. I would encourage anybody struggling with knee pain to reach out to Align and see if they can help you too.”
Brad was suffering from debilitating knee pain. It had gotten so bad that he was no longer able to work out. He was frustrated and scared. He said
“I had severe knee pain. I tried medication and a cortisone injection. I knew that I just couldn’t keeping taking pain medication for my knee pain. I decided check out the knee program at Align Integrated Medical. I went through the program and it was amazing. Within a few short weeks I was pain-free and back to working out. Here I am now a few months later and I am 90% better with little to no interference in my day to day activities.”

These are just a few of the many examples of patients that we’ve had the honor and privilege of helping.

So what is it about this program that’s so special?

What makes our program so unique is that it is designed to help your body heal itself.

If you’re like most people who have tried the prescription drug approach, you’ve come to find that no amount of drugs you throw at your neuropathy will ever provide a permanent solution.

Drugs can only mask symptoms….At best.

...And when those stop working what’s next?

Well, unfortunately most people turn to things like cortisone injections.

Numerous studies have shown that cortisone actually accelerates tissue damage within joints!

And if that doesn’t work, then what?

Well, for far too many it’s surgery.

No wonder people with knee pain are frustrated!

If there’s one simple but powerful truth we’ve learned over the years helping patients solve their health problems, it’s this:

  • Health comes from the inside.
  • Our bodies are truly miraculous!

By providing our bodies with what they need, they are capable of healing themselves.

Now, this might sound a bit too overly simplistic, but it really is that simple.

Think about it for a minute…

If you were to break your arm you’d probably go to the hospital where they’d put a cast on your arm.  But is it the cast that heals your arm?  Of course not!  Your body innately knows how to heal itself.

Or how about this…

You cut yourself and so you put a bandaid on the cut.  Is it the bandaid that heals the cut?  No.  Your body is what does the healing.

Some people might be thinking “well if the body is capable of healing itself, then why haven’t my knees been able to heal?"

This is a great question!

This is because of the simple fact that certain things we do or don’t do can interfere with our body’s ability to heal itself.

Things like stress, old injuries, inflammation, poor nutrition, and a variety of other factors can have a negative impact on our body and it’s ability to take care of itself.

So what do you do?

Well, it’s actually quite simple.

We’ve come to find that there is a way to assist the body and allow it to get back to a state where it can heal itself.

In fact, this is what our entire knee pain relief program is all about.

By using a combination of several different tools and strategies we are able to help provide the body with exactly what it needs to begin to heal itself.

The best part:  We do this all without drugs, surgery or other harmful and/or invasive procedures.

Through years of research and clinical experience we’ve developed a proven, all-natural protocol that gets incredible results.

But don’t take our word for it. 

This is what Jim had to say about our program: Jim was also struggling for years with severe knee pain until he found our program. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

This is one of many incredible success stories.

We have a saying at our clinic,

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

If you’re ready to get help, we are ready to help.
Call us today and let’s get started!
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