I Used Motion X-Rays On My Knees

June 12, 2020


You may not realize it but our bodies put a tremendous amount of pressure on our knee joints. In fact, studies show that for every pound of body weight we have, that puts approximately four to six pounds of pressure on our knee joints.  Studies have further shown that those who struggle with obesity are 20 times more likely to have knee surgery!  But even just an additional extra 10 pounds that our body is carrying means that we're putting an additional 40 to 60 pounds of pressure on our knee joints.  

We recently used a fluoroscope, which is a motion, extra unit to show you and demonstrate number one, the type of pressure and forces that are put on our knee joints.

But also, number 2,  we wanted to show you one of the powerful therapies that we use to help get incredible results in helping patients to alleviate their joint pain. You see, like we said, there's a lot of pressure bearing down on those joints. I'm going to show you real quick here. Take a look. So this is us. This is actually my knee joint. This is my left knee joint. What you can see here on this motion. X-Rays so notice the joint spacing here and notice how it starts to compress. As we put pressure on that, as we put pressure on that, those are the forces that are bearing down on that knee joint. You can see that joint space starting to close. Now, this is for somebody who has normal, healthy joint spaces in their knees. Can you imagine what this would be like for those people who actually don't have healthy space?

That's where we start to see a lot of that wear and tear on the meniscus, which are pads within the knees and then the cartilage, and then eventually the bone where things start to deteriorate and wear out. And so for a lot of people, they think if they're starting to lose that space there, then that means that that's inevitable that that surgery is going to have to happen. But the reality of it is, is that we have some tools and some pretty cutting edge technology that helps us to help people potentially avoid surgery. One of those is what we call knee decompression therapy. Now let me show you how this works here. What we did was we actually hooked up this motion x-ray to our knee decompression unit. And we'll show you exactly how that worked here. We are looking at my knee joint from the side, slightly different view, but notice the joint space here and how it starts to open up.

When we put somebody on knee decompression therapy, it literally opens that joint space up to help flush out inflammation, to help provide relief for those joints that have been compressed. And to really help begin the process of pulling in the right nutrients into that knee to help it begin to heal itself. Notice how it closes down there. Watch this joint space here. Watch how will we start to pull on it? When that MIDI compression starts to open that knee joined up, watch what happens? Watch that start to open there right there. You can see that space starting to open right up. Look at that that's that knee under knee decompression therapy. This is a very powerful therapy that we use that helps to open up that joint space again and allows those knees to get some relief that allows them to be able to begin the process of healing.

And that's the powerful thing is that our body is capable of healing itself if we help it. And this is one of the many tools that we use in our clinic, in our knee restorative program to help patients get relief and to help them again, to avoid the drugs, the surgery, the cortisone injections, all of those things. And so if if you know, people who are struggling with, with knee pain, maybe you or somebody, you know, is struggling with knee pain give our clinic a call at, see if we can help you. We have some really cutting edge technologies and powerful tools that help us to get patients amazing results. So thanks for watching. We'll talk to you soon.











Chad Woolner
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