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We are proud to announce a new tool in helping our patients get even better results. Low level laser therapy has been shown to be safe and effective at helping solve a wide range of problems.

Align Integrated Medical is one of the few clinics in the valley to offer the Fx-405.

The FX Series is the only laser on the market to treat chronic low back pain. This FDA market cleared laser has been proven in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, parallel-group, multi-center clinical trial to treat this painful condition effectively. The FX Series Clinical Trial participants showed a 58% pain reduction at a 2-month follow-up evaluation and accumulative improvements at six months. The recent clearance of the FX is groundbreaking for the pain management community and the war on the opioid epidemic.

For patients and physicians looking for an opioid-free alternative to chronic and acute pain; Laser therapy is proving to be a medical breakthrough with incredible results, no harmful side effects, and, most promising of all, no potential for addiction.

The FX 405 offers the addition of the 405nm violet laser. The violet laser allows us to broaden the problems we can help our patients solve. In addition, the violet laser has been proven as an effective anti-microbial & anti-bacterial tool.

Frequently Asked Questions About Low Level Laser Therapy

Results That Speak For Themselves:  The 1 Treatment Challenge

Steve's Heel Pain

Courtney's Neck & Shoulder Pain

Heather's Back Pain

Shannon's Wrist Pain

Sam's Injured Finger

Shawn's Back Pain

Jeff's Plantar Fasciitis

Alicia's Foot & Ankle Pain

Scatia's Should Pain

Rachel's Plantar Fasciitis

Ike's Ankle Sprain

Jordan's Shoulder Pain

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